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Kyle Ryde - semalt

Kyle Ryde 2014 BSB 600 superstock champion -


Ryde - Trailer - semalt

A new ride share service app called RYDE is taking over what used to be the Taxi industry. But how safe is it? When a psychopath takes over the identity of a Ryde driver, your destination may be your last! -

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PS Ryde - semalt

1/48th scale model of the Denny Bros of Dumbarton built paddle steamer Ryde that sailed to the Isle of Wight from 1930's - 1960's at Dundee Model Boats -

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Kyle Ryde - semalt

Kyle Ryde 2011 BSB125 champion -

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Ryde | Tragicomedia - semalt

2016. @RydeFuckOff @UnknownPeopleFW -

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Remington Ryde - semalt

Beck & Benedicts Hardware MarylandDog Gone Daddy -

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EZ RYDE - semalt

A commercial on the new suspension from EZ Ryde. -

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Dark Ryde - semalt

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard EnterprisesDark Ryde · Bass MekanikBass Trap℗ 2014 Bass Mekanik RecordsReleased on: 2014-02-25Music Publisher: Plaid Sombrero (BMI)Auto-generated by YouTube. -

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Ryde Recycling - semalt

Here another of WSN's side loaders in the City of Ryde, except this time handling the recycling. A massive thanks to the driver, hope you guys enjoy the footage, please rate and comment, and also check out the garbage collection if you haven't already seen it.Body Make: MacDonald JohnstonModel: 29m MkIV SPORT : Recycle BodyChassis: Iveco AccoCouncil: City of RydeContractor: WSN Environmental SolutionsCollection Type: Commingled Recycling -

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Late & Ryde | Obsolescencia - semalt

Track adelanto de la nueva maqueta de Late (Xtintos), en colaboración con Ryde.La maqueta saldrá en su canal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2PB...Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Ryde en FourWallsRecords.Instrumental por " La loquera producciones".Podéis obtener más información siguiendo nuestras nuevas redes sociales.- Instagram: @unknownpeoplefw / @rydefuckoff / @aminguezz- Twitter: @UnknownCuervos / @RydeFuckOff / @minguezcalero- Facebook: @unknownpeoplefw -

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Ryde | Hipertensión - semalt

2014.U.P. -

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Ryde | Silencio - semalt

2016. Fotografía por @carsoncito_ ¡Seguidle en Instagram para ver fotografías increíbles!Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Ryde en FourWallsRecords.Instrumental de internet.Podéis obtener más información siguiendo nuestras nuevas redes sociales.- Instagram: @unknownpeoplefw / @rydefuckoff / @abrahamup - Twitter: @UnknownCuervos / @RydeFuckOff / @UP_Abraham - Facebook: @unknownpeoplefw -

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Ryde | Pieces - semalt

@RydeFuckOff----------------- CLICK PARA MAS INFORMACIÓN ---------------------Este es el nuevo canal de @RydeFuckOff.¡No dudes en suscribirte!*Contacto*:- Twitter: @RydeFuckOff- Tuenti y Facebook: David Clérigues Chornet- Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RyDeFWC*Algunos canales recomendados*:http://www.youtube.com/user/Argue16http://www.youtube.com/user/RyZhoSquadhttp://www.youtube.com/user/RyDeFWChttp://www.youtube.com/user/FourWallsRap -

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Ryde station - semalt

Ryde station eller trinbræt ligger mellem Maribo og Søllested på Lollandsbanen. Stationen betjenes til hverdag med tog hvert 30. minut hver vej. I weekender kun 1 gang i timen. Ryde station ligger i Kristiansæde skov, og for dem som benytter lollandsbanen har sikkert lagt mærke til den rigtig dårlige dækning for mobilen. Altså Ryde ligger ude i ingenting ;-) -

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Hard Ryde - semalt

Back stage the Canadian band, "Hard Ryde" from the Lincoln Theatre's "Song of the Moutntains", taping November 6, 2010. -

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Ryde Out - semalt


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Ryde | #1Minuto - semalt

Mi pequeño granito de arena para el proyecto #1Minuto.¡Pero no olvideis escuchar a los demas!Vale la pena.@RydeFuckOffLista de reproducción 1: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...Lista de reproducción 2: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?featu...----------------- CLICK PARA MAS INFORMACIÓN Y DESCARGA ---------------------Este es el nuevo canal de @RydeFuckOff.¡No dudes en suscribirte!*Contacto*:- Twitter: @RydeFuckOff- Tuenti y Facebook: David Clérigues Chornet- Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RyDeFWC*Canales recomendados*:http://www.youtube.com/user/Argue16http://www.youtube.com/user/RyZhoSquadhttp://www.youtube.com/user/RyDeFWChttp://www.youtube.com/user/FourWallsRaphttp://www.youtube.com/user/eldRiiTo -

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Ryde Out - semalt

Music Video -

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Iron & Ryde | Wanheda - semalt

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Ryde en FourWallsRecords.Instrumental de internet.Podéis obtener más información siguiendo nuestras nuevas redes sociales.- Instagram: @unknownpeoplefw / @rydefuckoff / @ironpoloplayer - Twitter: @UnknownCuervos / @RydeFuckOff / @ironpoloplayer- Facebook: @unknownpeoplefw -

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The Ryde Hotel - semalt

This California Delta landmark is located three miles south of Walnut Grove, on scenic State Highway 160. You will find the hotel in its peaceful setting on the orchard-lined banks of the Sacramento River. This central location in the heart of California's picturesque Delta region makes the Ryde convenient to access from Sacramento, the Central Valley, the San Francisco Greater Bay Area, and the Napa-Sonoma Wine Country.Perched like a jewel on the Sacramento River, the inviting peach-tone facade of the Ryde literally stops traffic.Built in 1927 at the peak of the prohibition era. It was an opulent establishment, complete with beauty salon and barbershop, that served as a riverboat way station. It was also rumored to be a bordello. The lower level was a speakeasy, offering bootleg whiskey and jazz to a clientele in search of a good time. There was even a trap door in the floor that allegedly opened to reveal a tunnel running under the road to a hidden doorway at the river's edge. It's not difficult to imagine the type of nocturnal activities that secret passageway has seen! Speculation mixed with fact generated a good amount of notoriety that brought with it a certain cachet. The Ryde attracted celebrities of all types from President Herbert Hoover to local and state politicians to movie stars and mobsters.In later years the Hotel became a boarding house for the men and women who built the Delta levees and pioneered the area's thriving agricultural industry. Over time, the Ryde has experienced many incarnations and owners including the Lon Chaney, Jr. family. At one point the name was changed to the Grand Island Inn. During the 1980's it was even a rock'n'roll mecca! 1998 marked the advent of a Renaissance for this historical property. Under the direction of new owners, Jan LeRoy and Cathy Hartrich, the Hotel has resumed its original name and undergone a major renovation. Jan and Cathy have maintained the character of the original design while incorporating contemporary amenities, such as jacuzzi tubs, with glorious river views. What they have achieved is an ambience that is both unique and casually elegant. http://rydehotel.com -

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Ryde Hockey: Overheads - semalt

In this clip Ryde Hockey Club High Performance Director Larry McIntosh coaches the importance of using your shoulders and leg drive when throwing overhead passes as opposed to an "arm ball". Important distinctions to improve your power and control -

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Ryde Greens - SL021 - semalt

In this video we see SL021, Ryde Greens truck collecting heavy garden waste on a sunny Wednesday morning in the suburb of West Ryde and Denistone, with Dave behind the wheel of this hard working truck. SL021 was on its third and last load for the day and nearing the last 200-250 bins of his run. All four Ryde garden waste trucks do three loads in the heavier summer months with the first two loads being tipped off at North Ryde and the last load going to Eastern Creek. In winter the four Ryde Garden Waste trucks get away with just doing two easy loads finishing just after 9am but in summer they can get be out there until 11-11:30am, due to the extra amount of bins out in the "garden proud" suburbs of Ryde.I managed to get this video in December 2014 just before the new year and you can see how well this truck handles the heavy loads of green waste. The driver had to raise the body three times in the third load to help clear the hopper and paddle area and to get the last 50-100 bins on for the day. Also about 20 bins had to be left due to all of the four green waste trucks being full for the day so the garbos just had to knock off the rest of the green bins out. Also as you will notice in the video the rear door on the body of the truck has a worn out seal and you will see puddles of water on the road. Thanks goes to my good mate, the driver behind the wheel for letting me get some video and I hope he enjoys the action. Thanks to you guys for watching and I hope you enjoy the fast paced action and remember to like, fav and sub. Truck Specifications - Body Make: MacDonald JohnstonModel: 25m MkIV SPORT - Recycle BodyChassis: Iveco AccoCouncil: City of RydeContractor: SITA Australia Collection Type: Garden Vegetation Number Plate: AK 60 EPDriver: DaveFleet Number: SL021AussieGarbo67 -

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Late & Ryde | Vestigios - semalt

@minguezcalero @rydefuckoffGrabado, mezclado y masterizado por Ryde en FourWallsRecords.Instrumental de internet.Podéis obtener más información siguiendo nuestras nuevas redes sociales.- Instagram: @unknownpeoplefw / @rydefuckoff / @abrahamup - Twitter: @UnknownCuervos / @RydeFuckOff / @UP_Abraham - Facebook: @unknownpeoplefw -

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Ryde Bus Depot - semalt

Ryde Bus Depot -

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Ryde Carnival 2018 - semalt


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Ryde Bulk Bins - semalt

here is a short video of the mini UrBin that Suez had bought for bulk bins for the city of Ryde. i took this video whilst waiting for SL029 as well as Alex. when i was waiting for the bulk bins truck i was expecting one of the Dennis/UrBins to rock up but instead i saw this little puny truck, coming down the road :phuge thanks to the driver and runner for letting me film! hope everyone enjoys the video! -

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Ryde | Estabilidad (Prod. Aamon) - semalt

Tema dedicado a mi grupo, al que quiero más que a mí mismo, por todas esas veces que nuestro esfuerzo no es recompensado.Siempre fuertes.Paz para mis cuervos.Letra: Que yo no quiero olvidarme de naEs por mi pasado que esta habilidadMe enseñó a vivir con estabilidadSé bien lo que dejo detrásQue yo no quiero caramelizarTodas las veces que actué con maldadSi lo hice por algo pues tu que sabrásMe sobran motivos para liarla más...Es día de cuervos voy a despegarHacia donde todos no podéis llegarNo hablo de nivel no soy de vacilarPero a estas alturas paso de explicarloSi tengo un ángel en el cielo para que negarloJoder, te amo pero no estás solaImaginarte orgullosa a veces me reconfortaSé que voy a abrazarte cuando aprenda a volar(Volar...)Mi grupo tiene ocho alasLa Deagle con 7 balas...La vida que se me escapaY joder, se evapora...(Se evapora...)Se va por la vía fácilY mientras actuamos gratisComo si ganarse el pan estuviese chupao', joderYa me cansao' de queSe nos infravalore cuando somos buenísimosMírame y dí que noEl escenario arde cuando suben los cuervosLa sala es el puto infiernoYa empieza a dolerme eso de no estar arribaEs como dejar el barco ir solo a la derivaHoy pillo el timón, doy un vuelco a la vidaSe despierta la bestia que tenia dormida...(Que tenía dormida...)Mi grupo tiene ocho alasLa Deagle con 7 balas...La vida que se me escapaY joder, se evapora...(Se evapora...)Se va por la vía fácilY mientras actuamos gratisComo si ganarse el pan estuviese chupao', joder (x4)Que yo no quiero olvidarme de naEs por mi pasado que esta habilidadMe enseñó a vivir con estabilidadSé bien lo que dejo detrásQue yo no quiero caramelizarTodas las veces que actué con maldadSi lo hice por algo pues tu que sabrásMe sobran motivos para liarla más...(x2)Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Iron en FourWallsRecords.Instrumental libre producida por Aamon.Imágen por SeconDz.Podéis obtener más información siguiendo nuestras nuevas redes sociales.- Instagram: @unknownpeoplefw / @rydefuckoff / @abrahamup /@ironthefashion- Twitter: @UnknownCuervos / @RydeFuckOff / @UP_Abraham / @ironthefashion- Facebook: @unknownpeoplefw -

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Ryde | Trisquel - semalt

2015.Letra:Ante el espejo destrozao como la última vez...Repitiendo que es la última vez,quien me va a creerSi siempre es la misma mierda y acabo así joderNo dejo salir el Sol para que no se moje al lloverEstoy cumpliendo sueños,miraSe que tengo más valor que lo que sea a lo que aspirasLo puedes ver en mis pupilasPupilo del mal escribe lineas de locuras discontinuasSonrío de ver como caminasComo caen minas del cielo hacia ti y tu las esquivasA la oveja negra no la esquilasNi tu ni nadie,no es aire to lo que respirasDeberías saber que por tu culo daba el sistema solarY por tus ojazos una eternidad en los ElíseosTe necesito más que más,quemas de tanto rayarmeSabiendo que no hay dios que valore mis sacrificiosSi sangre fría,este es el pan de cada día Y no tos los días hay,aprende a disfrutar del vicioYo me desquicio conforme erosiona el tiempo,Tiñendo de color morao mis mil paisajes ficticiosSoy consciente de lo difícil que es hincar los codosSé de esfuerzo,no hay camiseta que no sudoDe que veces el silencio es el mejor métodoPues decir te quiero puede cargárselo todo...mejor mudoQue si tengo que cambiar lo haré por mi bien,Y mi bien es ver a mi gente con la sonrisa en la tezDonde hay alguien apreciándote,tienes un hogarDeberías valorar más lo bueno que el mundo te dé...Eh,dolor reconoce a dolor,van varias vecesQue acabo apestando alcohol y hablando para las paredesDe todas formas me hacen el mismo caso que tu ahoraY dan lecciones a mis puños cada vez que el alma lloraCuerpo mente y espíritu,el trisquel en movimiento,Me quedan pocos y tu,estas echándote a perder Como una gilipollas,me estas dejando gilipollasCon la mente rota y paranoias al final del cuentoHe vuelto,a cerrar los ojos,a ver si así me despiertanDe esta pesadilla en vida donde imagino tu vueltaSe que una puerta no es una puerta cuando esta entreabiertaEsta herida no es una herida,por que sangra a mediasPuta tragicomedia,puta tu con tus medias,Haciendo mella en mis recuerdos más incandescentesMaldigo el día en el que perdí la razón,Entregándote mi corazón y mis sueños adolescentes...Es lo de siempre,conocerla,hacerlo perfectoJoder lo prometido,acometidos por defectosEs lo que tiene juntar dos polos opuestosQue se atraen hasta que chocan y se rompen entre ellos. -

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Hard Ryde - semalt

The Band was having a little practice early in the morning -

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HALPA - RYDE - semalt

- CHECK OUT ARTIST -https://soundcloud.com/halpa/ryde- ORIGINAL PHOTO -http://images.pexels.com/photos/58642...*If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact with us and we will delete the video immediately. -

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Kyle Ryde - semalt

Hiside in morning warm up BSB supersport 2015 -

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ROLL & RYDE - semalt


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Shawty Come Ryde - semalt


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PS Ryde Queen - semalt

Paddle Steamer Ryde Queen on the River Medina, Isle of WightDisclaimer: This video is exclusively managed by Caters News. To license or use in a commercial player please contact info@catersnews.com or call +44 121 616 1100 / +1 646 380 1615 -

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Zhoke & Ryde | Dragonfly - semalt

2015.Inédito. @zhokeakaraps @RydeFuckOff @UnknownPeopleFW -

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Ryde Slide 2018 - semalt

We all slide in Ryde! -

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Kyle ryde scootering - semalt

just kyle doing some stuff -

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Remington Ryde - Leaving - semalt

Rem Ryde sing Jack Tottle's "Leavin'" at the YeeHaw Junction Bluegrass Festival in YeeHaw Junction, FL on January 27, 2012.The Band:Ryan Frankhauser - Guitar, Lead VocalsDanny Stewart - MandolinBilly Lee Cox - BanjoWally Yoder - Bass -

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Norco Ryde Movie - semalt


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Ticket To Ryde - semalt

A large day out, with music, horses, a baby, pizza, the sea, and balloons*** Become a patron of my work - http://patreon.com/GeorgeReece ****** SUBSCRIBE to my channel - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCswJ3... ****** My Music and Merch - http://iamgeorgetown.bandcamp.com/ ***My facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/GeorgeReeceM...Twitter - https://twitter.com/georgereeceInstagram - http://instagram.com/iamgeorgetownAsk.fm - http://ask.fm/georgereece -

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Hovercraft leaving Ryde - semalt


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ryde high sesh - semalt

sean phillips and zach radstock having a monday skate a ryde high school -

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Norco Ryde 2014 - semalt


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Ryde or Die - semalt


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Remington Ryde - semalt

Beck & Benedicts Hardware Maryland Four Letter Word -

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Real Ryde 2 - semalt

Instructor guides participants through workout phases that include warm-­up, steady uptempo to make the class as easy or hard as they like. -

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Norco Ryde ad - semalt


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Ryde or Die - semalt


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Ryde | Pain. - semalt

@RydeFuckOff----------------- CLICK PARA MAS INFORMACIÓN ---------------------Este es el nuevo canal de @RydeFuckOff.¡No dudes en suscribirte!*Contacto*:- Twitter: @RydeFuckOff- Tuenti y Facebook: David Clérigues Chornet- Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RyDeFWC*Algunos canales recomendados*:http://www.youtube.com/user/Argue16http://www.youtube.com/user/RyZhoSquadhttp://www.youtube.com/user/RyDeFWChttp://www.youtube.com/user/FourWallsRap -

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Syline Ryde - DMV Spyder Group Ryde. August 28th, 2016 - semalt

This video is about the Syline Group Ryde - DMV Spyders (http://www.meetup.com/DMV-Spyder-Ryders/). We met in Winchester, Va and road into Front Royal, Va to the Skyline Drive entrance.. The skies were clear and the weather was perfect and it was a nice, relaxing day for all. -

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EZ Ryde Suspensions - semalt

Tri City Performance offers EZ Ryde rear suspensions on the ultimate boondocking sleds. Check it out! -

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Ryde Podiatry Centre - semalt


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Ryde or Die - semalt


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Ryde Away (Explicit) - semalt


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Síguenos en Twitter:@asier_orozco@RydeFuckOffTema grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Ryde en Four Walls Records.Canal de Ryde: https://www.youtube.com/user/RyDeFWCSuscríbete al canal y dale a "Me gusta". -

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Ryde & Zhoke - Amanecer - semalt

El barrio sangra por tu ausencia.Bonus Track de Noviembre Azul,la nueva maqueta de Ryde que acaba de ver la luz.Clicar en el enlace del video para escucharla.@Zhokeakaraps@RyDeFuckOffFWC.RyZhoSquad.Letra:Ryde:Pongo solución al problema,Una porción de corazón en cada letraUna poción de inspiración eternaComo la tierna ilusión de tus piernas¡Mierda...! te vi marchar y quede echo mierdaNo me siento mejor ni fumando hierbaNi bebiendo,ni pienso drogarme siquieraComo haría cualquiera,echo de menos que me quierasQue vengas a mi y que me abraces tan fuerteQue cuando me sueltes vuelva a sonreírPero que va,todo es diferente y lo sabesAlgo va mal,se acerca ya el fin...Retales de historia,de simples chavalesDos almas gemelas con vidas igualesCaminos difícil,evitan los males...En bares a pares ahora bebo a maresPara matar casualidades,De un yo en la parada y un tu por ahíSoltando verdades,pero ya esta bien...Mil me levante de cien que caíY hoy sigo de pie,despiertoA veces deseo estar muertoIrme a donde estés pues lo sientoYa no es como antes sin embargo te quieroY lo juro me duele pero así debe serEs mi deber,que tu sonrisa vuelva aparecerEl Sol anochece y contigo la lunaBrilla mas que nunca y vuelve a amanecer...Todo ocurrió sin querer...A veces me pregunto el porque de algoY no me doy cuenta que la culpa es míaQue todo se rompió sin querer...Y dejo de ser lo que parecíaDe la noche al dia,contigo en la menteTe quiero en futuro y presenteY en pasado te quise pero quedo atrásHoy vivo guardando silencio constanteNo obstante no olvido,lo que hemos vividoLo que una vez fuimos siempre estará aquíMe di por vencido una vez te perdíY ahora he renacido tan solo por ti.Así que ven a mis brazos mi vidaTus labios encuentran mi alma perdidaEl barrio sangra por tu ausenciaHoy el cielo llora,Valencia esta herida...Zhoke:Siento que el mundo no gira no para Que mi alma se queda callada Que los besos de ahora no son los que dabas Que el ciclo sigue igual Que tu ya no estaras Que mi vida se queda vacía si tu te vas Que el peso de este mundo recae sobre mis hombros Que las lágrimas se suicidán de mis ojos Si no te veo mas Me duele al respirar Que quizás marcharas Solo yo voy a estar Mil momentos y caricias las que recuerdo Dias enteros escribiendo este cuentoooTu Me hiciste feliz Tu no has Sido un error Me revienta el dolorAún recuerdo tu olor Pasando las noches enteras besandote y dios...(4) -

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Scooters in Ryde - semalt

There was a lot of chrome on the Isle of Wight over the bank holiday weekend in August 2013. Ryde played host to the International Scooter Rally. It wouldn't be a bank holiday without several thousand Mods meeting up would it? It's the biggest gathering of classic Vespas and Lambrettas anywhere in the world - with many of them elaborately decorated with extra mirrors. Radio Solent's Alex Dyke couldn't miss the opportunity to relive his youth. -

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RYDE. NOW OPEN. - semalt

RYDE is an urban cycling studio shaping a fun, full-body workout experience in the center of Thonglor. Join a passionate community of fitness enthusiasts, beginners and advanced, spinning away to a variety of beats alongside an experienced and motivating team of trainers. Completing the full RYDE experience, LOADED offers a selection of natural, cold-pressed juices and protein shakes and our hair salon BLOW gets you set for what’s next.http://rydecycle.asia -

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New Hovercraft in Ryde - semalt

New Hovercraft in Ryde -

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Holy Cross College Ryde - semalt

Presentation of sports from assembly includung soccer and rugby league grand finals and also the arrive alive cup and ccc cup. -

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Bestival Ryde Slide 2015 - semalt

On July 12th 2015, 480 people took part in the Bestival Ryde Slide - a giant inflatable water slide down Union Street in Ryde - here is the official video!Rob da Bank said: "We always like to get involved with really exciting and really mad stuff at Bestival, so when Wayne spoke to me about bringing a huge inflatable water slide to the Island and running it down the middle of Union street in Ryde, I couldn't possibly refuse. Chances like this don't come along all that often and it's all for a lot of great causes, so please do donate some money and see how you get on with the luck of the draw!"All proceeds go to the following local charitable causes - Ryde Inshore Rescue (Independent lifeboat), Aspire Ryde Community Centre (Holy Trinity Church), Ryde Arena ltd (Ice Rink) and Ryde Waterside Pool via the Ryde Slide Trust. -

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Ryde, 17 Bidgee Road - semalt

17 Bidgee Road Ryde NSWMarketed by:(M) McGrath Ryde8889 4188mcgrath.com.auContact:Stefon BertramTel 8889 3894 | 0404 071 511, Email stefonbertram@mcgrath.com.auJames JinTel 8889 3894 | 0404 071 060, Email jamesjin@mcgrath.com.auVideo produced by Campaigntrack Creative Services (www.campaigntrack.com) -

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Hayes stroker Ryde garbage - semalt

Ambele frane erau moi ca pixu. Le-am dezmembrat pe amandoua curatat si aerisit. Frana din fata se simte bine dar tot nu prinde cel putin cum mi-ar placea mie sa prinda o frana. Hayes stroker ryde este o frana hidraulica de entry level si este mai proasta decat un V-brake de pe un First bike ieftin. Frana din spate a avut intradevar o problema cu surubul de aerisire dar s-a rezolvat nu pierde lichid. Orice i-as fi facut tot moale si fara putere a ramas. -

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Solitario & Ryde | Balas caídas - semalt

2014.Bálas caídas. -

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Ryde, 16 Boyce Street - semalt

16 Boyce Street Ryde NSWMarketed by:(M) McGrath Ryde8889 4188mcgrath.com.auContact:Stefon BertramTel 8889 3894 | 0404 071 511, Email stefonbertram@mcgrath.com.auJames JinTel 8889 3894 | 0404 071 060, Email jamesjin@mcgrath.com.auVideo produced by Campaigntrack Creative Services (www.campaigntrack.com) -

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Ryde Hockey: Shave Tackling - semalt

Ryde Hockey Club High Performance Coaching Adviser Larry McIntosh coaches the shave tackle, a defensive technique where the defender steals the ball from an attacker with loose ball carry -

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ryde main carnival 2017 - semalt

a bird eye view of ryde carnival full carnival -

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Ryde | Cuánto [Prod. Fase] - semalt

2014. Producido por Fase - July (Instrumental libre) -

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Hayes Stroker Ryde - semalt

Это видео загружено с телефона Android. -

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E Z Ryde - semalt

Check out the best suspention on the market, E Z Ryde. Shane Hart takes you through all the features. -

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Ryde Bulk Waste - semalt

so here we have truck RL006 on Ryde's booked bulk waste. 06 runs almost full time in Ryde, helping out RL761 on the heavy days, minimising the loads and work for the one truck. if not in Ryde, this truck is working hard in Fairfield and Bankstown when needed. this beast sounds amazing in person and packs a real good load! beats the MJ/Bucher and SPAK trucks!now i filmed this truck for a few reasons. 1. it was an old green Ryde machine 2. this is my first heil on film and 3. Alex (AussieGarbo67) was working on it! Alex started work for an agency in October 2016 which covered Suez Eastern Creek, JJR Willoughby ;) and Veolia Ku-Ring-Gai. Alex's supervisor has never failed to get him in everyday for a job in Ryde (since he's so helpful ;p) and if not Fairfield or Bankstown but most likely bulk waste but he has recently been put on a bulk bin run! the best run of them all (video of that will be coming soon!).Alex should also be able to work on the side arms in just a few months when he gets his full HR license! well i hope everyone enjoys this video as much as i did filming it! huge thanks to Alex for telling me where to go to find what trucks. also a huge thanks to the really nice driver! -

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Abraham & Ryde | Restricción - semalt

2016. @UnknownPeopleFW @RydeFuckOff -

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Ryde & Iron | Maharba - semalt

2016. @FashionKidd_ @RydeFuckOffEspecial dedicación a Abraham.Grabado, mezclado y masterizado en FWR por Ryde.Video sajao de internet. -

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Ryde Or Die - semalt


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Exclusive Ryde Trailer - semalt

Please watch: "Primal Rage Exclusive Clip - WHAT WAS THAT?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdzJ1... --~--A hip, new ride share service app called RYDE is taking over and dominating the taxi industry. It’s less expensive and capturing followers with it’s fun and casual “friend giving you a ride” vibe. It’s the latest and coolest app out there…. But is it safe? Everyone is going to find out when a psychopath hacks the identity of a Ryde driver. Now everyone who uses the app will be at the mercy of this maniac. Getting a ride form Ryde might be just be a few clicks away, but getting out of the car alive may not be so easy…SUBSCRIBE: http://dreadshare.com/15CMymgFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DreadCentralTWITTER: https://twitter.com/dreadcentral All your latest horror news at http://www.dreadcentral.com -

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Ryde Laser Boys - semalt

This video is about Ryde Laser Boys -

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Ryde Dotto Train - semalt


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Mallow & Ryde | Railways - semalt

2016. Adelanto de la próxima maqueta de Mallow.@fili_sanramon @RydeFuckOff -

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Ryde Hockey: Outletting - semalt

Women's 1st grade coach John Cullen discusses the principles of outletting, one of the most important strategies in modern hockey. John uses the whiteboard to demonstrate the key things to think about when bringing the ball forward from deep in the defensive half, offering important tips for players and coaches alike. -

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Ryde Garbage (SL61) - semalt

We haven’t seen a Ryde truck on my channel for a little while... turns out it’s already been over 4 years since my last side loader video from this location! The truck featuring in this upload I have posted something of before, but that was way back in 2010 and it was cool enough to justify a second video. So a few years back on a Monday morning I swung by Putney to find whatever old green Ryde beast I could come across. I was happy to discover the fleet’s then youngest and smallest side loader knocking over the weekly garbage collections, driven by a bloke hooking into the job to get it done. The entrance in the first clip tells you there’s no paid-by-the-hour crap going on here - no time to go around the roundabout!This truck was also the odd one out in the previous Ryde fleet, being a couple of years newer and smaller than the other fulltime trucks, however it was still an MJE/Iveco unit and sported the proper green Ryde livery! This one was originally purchased as a needed extra recycling truck early in the contract, but was soon shifted onto garbage permanently for suitability reasons. Even though a new Ryde contract has commenced, this truck has still gotten around as a spare and permanent in other company contracts. It still looked pretty sharp when I videoed it in 2009, but seeing it a few years later you can tell it’s copped a hammering and been thrashed. Hope you enjoy the action of this Ryde green machine at work, operating swift and loud. -

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Ryde Or Die - semalt


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Ryde slide 2017 - semalt


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Bestival Ryde Slide - semalt

Soapy wet fun on Union Street in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. #bestival #ryde #waterslide -

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- semalt


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Ryde Soundtrack list - semalt

I draw your attention that this video does not contain a scene of violence. It also doesn’t have propaganda for violence, racism, depravity and mockery of people and animals. This movie contains materials that show soundtracks for movies, serials, cartoons and games. The title of the video coincides with the title of the film, the series, the cartoon and the games for easy searching in YouTube.Ryde Soundtrack list Source: Ryde movieGenres Ryde: Horror, ThrillerStyle Ryde: OSTCountry Ryde: USAReleased Ryde: 15 September 2017Director: Brian Frank Visciglia (as Brian Visciglia)Writers: Kat Silvia, Brian Frank Visciglia (as Brian Visciglia) Ryde cast: David Wachs, Jessica Serfaty, Ronnie Alvarez, Kyle Thomas Schmidt, Veronica Loren, Delpaneaux Wills, Valerie Lynn SmithRating on IMDB 7.2Ryde Songs1. "Ryde Theme Song" - Scott Welch & David Wachs2. "Eclipse" - Marc Wolf3. "Open Windows" - David Wachs & Blac4. "Swing Swing" - Ella Knox ft. Calitroit5. "I Need That" - David Wachs Ft. Erica Moore6. "Will You Ryde" - Hari Nikesh Reddy7. "Night Crawler" - Blac8. "Drivin" - David Wachs9. "Worship You" - Marc Avery10. "Close Your Eyes" - Scott Welch & David Wachs11. "The Pickup" - Scott Welch12. "Cold Blooded" - Scott Welch & David Wachs13. "I Got Money" - Swype and David Wachs14. "Night Crawler" - David Wachs 15. "Moonlight" - David Wachs & Scott Welch16. "We Out Of Genesis" - David Wachs & Scott Welch17. "Party on Red" - David Wachs18. "Reincarnated" - David Wachs & Scott Welch19. "It's Too Late" - Scott Welch & David Wachs20. "Waterfalls" - David Wachs21. "Drum Dealer" - Scott Welch22. "SWAM" - Scott Welch23. "Adrenaline" - Scott Welch & David Wachs24. "Timeless Chaos" - Scott Welch & David Wachs25. "Dualities Rush" - Scott Welch & David Wachs26. "Final Destination" - Scott Welch & David WachsWelcome to Soundtracks from MOVIES. Here you will find many soundtracks (ost, music, score, sound, song and soundtrack) to famous movies and cartoons. Always soundtracks for movies.Soundtracks from MOVIES - more soundtracks, more tracklist, more OST for your famous movies, films, cartoons and TV series.P.S. Support the "finger up!" and subscribe!* The song for this video is taken from the YouTube library -

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Ryde | Descartes 2015 - semalt

2015.VainaGuaber.Descargar: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0o8...00:00 - Taras01:15 - Inmortal05:20 - Etéreos08:23 - He perdido la fé09:53 - En mi ciudad mental (Con Xopi) [Prod. Xhelazz] (Adelanto "Retorno")Os regalo estos 5 temas que no tenía pensado sacar.Es sólo música pa quien la quiera.@RydeFuckOff -

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Ready 2 Ryde - semalt


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Ryde Bulk Bins - semalt

Years ago I uploaded three videos of the kerbside clean-up in Ryde, with RL006 being the truck doing all the packing and crunching. About six years later I returned to Ryde for another of the Heil rear loaders doing the bulk bins from unit blocks (aka apartments). RL004 was the regular truck for this job, dumping a range of 1100L and 660L containers from various residential properties multiple times a week. Along with garbage, this truck completed a load of recycling on Tuesdays and could be seen doing clean-up on Thursdays beside the fulltime truck RL006. Although four of these green Heil/Iveco combos were built up for Ryde, only the two were utilised in the council long term, with the other two based in Randwick and Fairfield. Since the start of a new collection contract midway last year, the two Ryde trucks have been replaced with brand new vehicles and are now spares for SITA contracted councils in Sydney. They were all put to work in 2006, so they’re almost 10 years old and have been smashed with heavy garbage and bulk clean-up, but maybe the old ribbed bodies are still holding up strong, not sure on the other components though!Right around the transition period between contracts, I managed to get out to Ryde on two Wednesdays early in the morning before my own job. As per usual I left getting the old trucks on video until last minute, but lucky for me RL004 was still in use for a good extra month so I could capture something. I only got three pick-up points to show, but that’s more than enough considering the monotonous job this is... lift and pack, lift and pack, lift and pack. The first stop is the biggest in the whole council, servicing the residential building above Top Ryde shopping centre, with an easy 20 x 1100Ls tipped triweekly. The second and third sites are medium sized apartment blocks, one in West Ryde and the other also in Top Ryde. Mixed in with the excessive lifting and packing action is a handful of driving shots, with the exit at the end from a completely random job in Gladesville. Noting the unnatural sound coming from this truck at times, that horrible “grinding” you’ll hear is a sign that this beast needed some hydraulic oil. Also a big thanks to the two operators, one of which you may remember from the clean-up ;) For more of the old green machines and new equipment, visit the home of Ryde on the AussieGarbo67 channel. -

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Paddle Steamer Ryde - semalt

The Ryde Queen has been an important part of the Isle of Wight for 80 years. The paddle steamer was a passenger ferry and took part in the the D-day landings. But, now her future appears to be in doubt as Neil Sackley reports.Copyright BBC South Today -

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Anne Lie Ryde - semalt

Sikta Mot Stjärnorna -

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Ryde | Felicidades hermano - semalt

Felicidades hermanito.Te deseo lo mejor.Letra:Tú,mi hermano de distinta madreLa única persona que jamás se ha ido,no serán en baldeLos momentos que vivimos,lo que sufrimos,Apesar de distanciarnos,cruzamos nuestros caminos...Tú,que me has visto escupiendo sangreSuperar un pneumotorax,aprender a levantarme despues de caerTambién decaer en la bebida,por no saber que hacer con mi vidaAmbos nos vimos crecer...¿Te acuerdas de las heridas abiertas?¿De cuando nos cerraban puertas solo por ser diferentes?Tu y yo hemos visto el mundo tal y como es...Soñando con llegar al cielo teniendo el suelo en los pies...Hemos compartido una inicial maldita,Ambas empiezan por B y acaban por A,son estalactitasNos hicieron fuertes realmente,maduramos más deprisaQue el resto de nuestro curso y toda nuestra genteTu me enseñastes a ser honrado,humilde,a ser quien soyMe diste los mejores años que he vivido hasta hoyDesde el principio me apoyaste,me dijiste que lucharaMe enseñaste a seguir firme pasara lo que pasara...Hemos compartido litros,lágrimas e incluso sueñosSangrao por daños,baches,movidas,miles de retosSonrío al pensar que esos dos crios en cletaTras superarse a sí mismos siguen alcanzando metasEres el único que no miente si dice que me conoceCon los huevos suficientes de chapar la boca al profeEse que decía que no tendríamos futuroQue mire y se sienta orgulloso mientras le dan por el culo...¿Te acuerdas?Las locuras que hemos hechoLos pateos en bici a ninguna parte,las noches sin techoLos días que no salías por estar metido en la mierdaQue sin piedad,el alma dolía y hacia presión en el pecho...Si bro,yo también me acuerdo,Eres el único que nunca jamás me ha fallado en nadaTe he visto jodido,por notas y pavasEn mil situaciones malas y aun con la sonrisa en la cara¿Sabes? no creo en las casualidadesTampoco en el destino,pero conocernos tenía que pasarHoy cumples los 19 y no diré felicidadesDigo,vas a ser Feliz,te lo deseo de verdad...Dedícado a Álvaro Boscá. -

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RYDE COMP | 2017 - semalt

Hope you guys enjoy this video, thankyou to everyone that turned up to the event! SUBSCRIBE!!! -

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Ryde Hover iow - semalt


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NeilPryde Ryde 2015 - semalt

Introducing the all-new Ryde, designed for classic flat-water freeriding. The Ryde is an ideal choice for new generation wide and thin Freemove boards as well as the more conventional Freeride boards. It features the revolutionary Forceline construction for dynamic load and shape control and even more durability. Planing and gybing made easy—windsurfing pure and smooth. Learn more: http://www.neilpryde.com/sails/freera... -

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Ryde Public School Band 22.08.2015 - semalt

Description -

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2018 NORCO RYDE 26 REVIEW - semalt


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Niels Ryde quartet live - semalt

El-bassisten Niels Ryde har været på scenen i 30 år og har konsekvent forfulgt sin egen musikalske linie med hvad der vel nærmest kan kaldes en form for elektrisk kammerjazz. Der veksles uanstrengt mellem det næsten tyst, indforståede og de mere rå udladninger. Det bliver spændende at høre Ryde i selskab med trommeslageren Morten Hæsum og de to meget erfarne folk, Bjarne Roupé (guitar) og Thomas Agergaard (tenorsax).Komponist: Niels RydeNiels Ryde bassMorten Hæsum drumBjarne Roupé guitarThomas Agergaard tenorsaxCamera operator Bastian AndersenEditor Maja Giannoccaro -

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